Monday, May 5, 2008

31in31 - May 5th - "Stuck On This Island"

Well hello and welcome to blog land Darren! For those who don't know, Darren C (aka The BigDC) started up his own blog on the weekend.. finally!
DC, a very accomplished and successful chef, beer drinker, guitar hero master and one of the greatest intellectual thinkers of the 21st century has decided to share of his most intimate collection of thoughts and meanderings at "Stuck on This Island" blog hosted by blogger.
I'm hoping we'll be seeing the recipe for things such as "The Pulled Pork Samich" or "The Man Burger" or even the prized (but easily beatable) "Contest Winning Chili"
Look forward to seeing you raise the blog bar Darren! ;-)

That being said.. here is a small list of other people that would raise the bar on their own blogs:

Tanya S
I know she already said she wouldn't do it, but the only excuse should be cause she's writing a book or two or studying for her PhD.

Leona S
A blog entitled "Living with Alex" should have more than enough material for a blog and might be a good way to vent with tons of rants ;-)

Ray S
There's a hidden bottle of pharmaceuticals here that once the child proof safety top is uncapped can reveal an overdose of something highly entertaining and yet medicinal at the same time.

Joylaine J
Two words - Photo Blog.

Chris / Missy W
I'm thinking MOVIE blog? or using the formula: Mundane + Missy = Interesting, Interesting + Missy = (Over the Top)2

Dan / Jen V
I know you already have a blog, but it needs defibrillation! Blogging about new places you find good foods / wines etc.. come on, you know it.

Matt, you're blog is also in need of a little firecracker. "But we have a BABY.." not gonna work.

News of the Day

Families feel the effects of blogs' candid comments

Video of the Day

Here is a guy who decided to try something new in his life. He started a Video Blog on Youtube and his first entry pulled in 2.8 million hits with 12,ooo comments. If you watch his second video he talks about how overwhelming this was.


Mattie said...

Schapper, I agree that I need to step it up on my blog front, but I am stuck man, nothing good is coming to the front. It is now extreme bloggers block and it is in my very soul that I havent blogged in over a month. I have tried and have drafts, but let me tell you they are all SHITE!!! anyway I will try and see what happens.

Viva la revolution


Tan said...

Well - at least I'm not the only one reading or commenting on 31 in 31. I was starting to hear crickets. Tan's blog is going to have to wait awhile - I'm in reaction mode as opposed to action. It's much safer that way - wink, wink...but let's see, a blog by Leo would blow the socks off us; yes, Ray is full of many surprises and he's actually quite a talented writer (if he had the time); a photo blog by Jo, hmmm...sounds raunchy;) and yes, DC - give us some recipes, two of your specialties have become part of my standard fare.

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