Friday, February 29, 2008

Alberta Vote 2008 - Calgary West Candidates

As part of my own due diligence, I thought I would post this on the blog so others may glean information as part of the voting decision. I only included my candidates which may mean nothing to you if you're not part of "Calgary West". Find out your riding by clicking here.

(All names are clickable directly to the candidates information page)

LIB - Beth Gignac

NDP - Chantelle Dubois

PC - Ron Liepert

WRA - Bob Babcock

GRN - James Kohut

Thursday, February 28, 2008

16th Letter of the Alphabet, Letter P

P is what is known as a voiceless bilabial plosive when pronounced as it is commonly used in words such as "Prick" or "Picnic". It can also be a voiceless labiodental fricative when used in words such as "Phoney" or "Phobias". Who cares? P doesn't.
P is an alphabet vetern, maintaining it's status as one of the oldest letters in the english language. He's old, and thus a little grumpy. What really got his goat was when some toolbox started calling urine "Pee". Oh the other letters thought this was funnier than a one legged man in an ass kicking contest, and they would use it where ever they can, grinding P into levels of grumpy no one ever could have expected. P now sits in an old letter home and has obligatory visits every once in awhile by other letters, and has even been known to talk to a few numbers. He participates in secret round table discussions with his friends I, and numbers 3, 1 and 4. He's planning his revenge in that old age. Planning it well. One should always be suspicious when the numbers show up.

In the only alphabet that truly matters on a global scale, P stands for "Pizza"

Some crazy smart chef somewhere in the world, figured out how to combine all the food groups together into one dish and make it taste good. If all you had in your life was Pizza and Guinness Beer, you'd be set. You can live off this, no shit. Pizza and beer. I wonder now if I used "Beer" for the letter "B", i forget, and I'm too lazy to check it out.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

15th Letter of the Alphabet, Letter O

Man oh man, 15th letter only? We're not even half way there! Stupid "O". Short of coming up with a back story for the letter "O" here is an interesting fact:

The Egyptian hieroglyph for the letter "O" is an eye. Stupid Egyptians, I mean seriously, makes you wonder what glyph they used for the word "eye", an "I" perhaps? Heres some papyrus, go make an alphabet, or wait.. wait.. didn't the aliens give you something to write on? I guess not seeing as you take the more efficient route of scratching a stone wall with a stick.

"O" is also the last letter of one of my favourite acronyms.. UFO. It stands for OBJECT and it's something I don't get to see. All the OBJECTS I see in the sky are identifyable, and once in my life I want to see something that is UNidentifyable. It doesnt' even need to be flying, it can be sitting in my backyard for all I care, I just need to see a fricken UFO. Maybe someone can dangle an upside down bowl hanging from a fishing rod in front of my window. That would be cool.

In the Alphabet of the Sublime, "O" stands for "Organism"

Everyone likes organisms, I mean, what would life be if you couldn't have organisms? They are good for your health, and are beneficial in more ways than one. Some of the best organisms occur after you eat yogurt or cheese, these organisms help with the digestion of food. Organisms make great gifts as well, but you have to be a little careful of who you give an organism to, some may not appreciate it as much as others, it's best to ask first:

"Hey There!"
"Hey whats up?"
"Would you like me to give you an organism?"
"I'm sorry? Come again?"

Bonus Question: Who is this guy and what is he doing?

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Jimmy Kimmel One Ups His Girlfriend

You have to check out this video. It's from the Jimmy Kimmel show, man that guy is crazy!!
Content Warning: Sexual Humour

Monday, February 25, 2008

14th Letter of the Alphabet, Letter N

One year ago, give or take a week, I was laid up on my couch with a lower back outage. I was grumpy, unapproachable and not very communicative. It sucked. I was in my pit of dispair watching some stupid daytime talk show when Tanya came over for a visit and gifted me with a Tim Horton's Large Double Double in a Roll Up The Rim To Win cup. It was the kick off to the most anticipated contest in Canada, and became a kick off to my recovery. Soon after my first roll up cup I thought it would be a great idea to start a blog about the successes and failures of rolling up the rim. But day after day, blogging a seemingly never ending string of losses, it became boring, resulting in a blogger's block which lasted more than a lunar month. I needed a new idea, a new blog. In April 07 I started Sublimation, the blog about anything and everything, and haven't stopped since. Coming up with new ideas, stories and basic bull crap which comprise and compliment the entries of this blog, is really not as easy as it looks. I wanted this blog to be a reflection of who I am, a guide for readers to get to know me better, an invitation to those who wish to trespass into the whirlpools that are my thoughts, and further on into the labyrinth that is my mind. But alas I think I have failed in this mission. Sublimation has been too "safe". I have over 20+ posts in behind this one that have never made it to publication, posts which I lacked the necessary kahonees to press the publish button on. Perhaps this is a good thing, perhaps, it's better to keep people guessing sometimes, perhaps it's the right thing to do, better safe than sorry right? Meh.. Consider this; if you truly want to get to know someone on an authentic level, wouldn't you rather be sorry than safe? Oooo, I like where this is going.. Note to self: Future Blog Idea #243 - Levels of Authenticity, When to Break the Rules

OK, so what the hell.. "N"? Where was I going with that you ask? "N" stands for "Noisotherm"
It's a campaign I will be integrating into my life starting with the Vernal Equinox of 2008, ending with the Vernal Equinox of 2009. It's completely original, never been done before by anyone anywhere at any time. It will be intoxicating. Authenticating. Yea it might fail, might fail bad, that's cause it's not a safe route, it's risky, and the most difficult thing I will have ever done. But if it succeeds? I make Oprah.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Yea yea..

I know. I haven't been updating recently, the letter "N" is just ITCHIN to get out there, but I'm keeping it at bay for a day or two.
Last night I went to go see "No Country For Old Men" in an effort to at least see ONE best picture nominee prior to Oscar Sunday. I'm glad I did. Being a Cohen Brothers fan this one did not dissappoint, but holy cow was it strange. The movie just kind of....ends, which I now believe to be a metaphor to death, a recurring theme throughout the movie is you never know when the end comes, it just happens. Everyone in the theatre was starring at the credits in disbelief.. Fantastic show. Kudos to the Cohens.
The lunar eclipse was pretty cool last night, unobstructed view in a clear night sky, couldn't have been better. It's gonna be a few years before we get another so hope you caught a little of it. I don't know why I like eclipses, or stellar events, perhaps it's because of the MASSIVE objects at play. Reminds us how small we really are. Speaking of which..

I think I should say a little piece about Zeitgeist The Movie.
I watched this movie online a few months ago, and I urge you to as well. You'll need a high speed internet connection and about two hours of time. In a nutshell (Albiet a little bias nutshell) It's an anti government, anti establishment, anti christian propaganda pile of crap. I invest a lot of time into information gleaming, and one of the most important things that I have learned is this: When something starts off by telling you it is THE TRUTH, it's most likely not.
That being said, millions are watching and believing, so much so that you will hear about this very soon if you haven't already (not including this post)
I urge anyone who engages in a conversation with someone, or is challenged by someone with the "truths" proposed in this film, please build up some knowledge by checking out the THIS LINK HERE. It's a site very well organized in the debunking of this film. The Christian / Pagan Copycat Theory is NOT NEW, it is over 100 years old and has been debunked for a very long time by educated scholars.
I'll be back.
;-) AS

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Mexicana Update Cinqo

After a week I have come to the realization that there are three distinct phases to an All Inclusive vacation. They are:

Phase One: "I-Can't-Believe-We're-Here" Phase
This is the woohoo drink drink drink phase, the time where you just bathe in the glory that is tropical bliss. You think of how cold it was when you left and now the only ice you see is in your whiskey and coke. You get up and dance with the mariachie band and make best freinds with the bartender. This is the best of the three phases, but alas it only lasts for two days or so. You now move along to phase two.

Phase Two: The "We're Here" Phase.
This is when you settle in a groove, you know where everything is, and you've settled down in the drinking dept due to the trouble you got in the first phase. This is when you go on tours, enjoy the scenery and stay by the pool cause you figured out that the beach looks far better than it feels and the kids dont like being pounded by waves. The mariachie band is still fun but you're not getting out of your chair anymore. This phase lasts about two to three days.

Phase Three: The "I-Can't-Beleive-We're-Still-Here" Phase.
This is the dreaded time near the end where you've decided to give up drinking for the rest of your life, you feel betrayed by the Sun giving you a nice warm welcome only to burn you to an incinerate pork rind and then laugh at you while you wince in pain everytime you move. This is also the time where you want to slam the mariachie trumpet on the ground the next time you hear La CooCorache and say "Does Mexico Only HAVE THREE SONGS!!!??? LEARN SOMETHING NEW ALREADY YOU SOMBREO WEARING AMIGO WANNABEES!!! SHUT UP ALREADY!! FOR THE LOVE OF EVERYTHING SACRED!!" Also, the food is starting to be the same, and you begin to loathe the phase oners around you, or what i like to call the "white parade" due to the untanned skins. Well, i look forward to being home!!
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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Mexicana Updatio Quatro

Easy peasy day today.. Again, lots of pool time and beach. It was hotter than a flaming coconut today, and the wind was almost non existant. Maddy and Leesie opted for the kids club for the morning and really enjoyed themselves. I opted for the daquari club this morning and really enjoyed myself. Leona has burned herself to a kentucky fried chicken seems someone needs to invent 200spf for that poor woman. I convinced a few folk to meet for a 10oclock swim 2nite, lookin forward to finally breaking a few rules. Tomorrow we go to Xel-ha for the day.. Google it, its cool.
This is from Madison (ver batam)
We found a coral. We are having lots of fun. We have nice paintings in our room, and its really hot out and I have my arm sunburnt. The guy comes in to make our bed and he puts an animal made out of towel, first he made a swan, we broke it, then he made a ballerina, and we took off her head, and then he made a doggie and his eyes and nose were out of tissue paper. We have special bags. We saw parrots and fireflys and lots and lots of lizards. And the airplane we went on was called sunwing. Daddy goes swimming and his belly is white (thanks mad) see you soon.
Shapper and Shapperette..

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Mexico Updato Tres

Wow what a day, started early with a walk on the beach at 630am, due to the fact that i was asleep the night prior at 830pm, due to the fact that... Well.. I had to recondition my liver. Anyway.. Hot as heck today, took er a little easier and finally the Buddha Belly got a little vitamin D.. Buddha Belly is in caps due to its godlike stature. Did lots of pool time and a little beach time, not alot of tequila time but the rum punched the clock a little into overtime. We are off to the Harelquin restaurant tonight and then off to lala land.. Which is actually a place here, LaLa land is where they grow tequila. Stay tuned for an update tres point cinqo.
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Monday, February 11, 2008

Mexico update Dos

Thats "two" in spanish
So here I sit at the grand buffet, its raining hard outside at 730pm.. Its more humid than an irish spring in heat. (Does that make sense? If not you'll really find in a state of not giving an iota of a damn right now)
Okay so I found something today.. In mexico all inclusive you get good service.. But tip and the service you get is muy bien.. And thats spanish for holy shit.. So this guys been serving me all night, His name? Jesus. So... Jesus been servin up the schaaper with Mojitos all night, schaapers feelin fine, Jesus comes round with cocorachas, lights me up with tequila el fuego.. Nice!
Today was a pool day.. And i got some time to fly the kite, very nice! I drank no less than 23 drinks today.. Not including tequila. Adios moi amigos.... Adi frickin os..
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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Mexico Update Uno

Ok this is coming out of my blackberry so it will dripping in awesome at so many levels there isnt a word to describe it in spanish. For starters, this place is like a mirage. it is hard to comprehend how truly great this place is. Once only a suspicion, i now know that i am part mexican due to the overwhelming attraction i have to tequila and refried beans. I am one with the tequilagod, we walk together this night, this night we become one.
Girls spent most of the day in the pool, loved it. It is 30 degrees here making it a 60 degree differential from cowtown.. The buffet is so fricken huge.. And next to the buffet? The tequila bar. I had a shot of hot pepper tequila amd holy crap did that burn.. Needed three cervecas por favor to wash that shot of pure satan down.. More in the morrow.. Ciao!!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

13th Letter of the Alphabet, Letter M

M is for MEXICO.. Sianora Kianu! See you on the 18th. (I'll do M a little more justice when I get back..)

"Que linda está la mañana en que vengo a saludarte,Venimos todos con gusto y placer a felicitarte,Ya viene amaneciendo, ya la luz del día nos dio,Levántate de mañana, mira que ya amaneció."

Friday, February 8, 2008

12th Letter of the Alphabet, Letter L

Mr. L, or Mr. Latino as he prefers, is the Life of the Party. L is a recent addition to the english alphabet, prefers the spanish speaking part of the world, not just for the sexy flow of the words but for the warmth of the weather. All you women out there that think it would be fun to hang out with a Letter, L is the one, the Latin Lover.
Questions you may hear people ask L: (and for good reason)

¿Cuántos socios ha tenido usted hoy?
Su lugar o mina?
Usted es agradable y grande cuando se capitalizan!

To which he would reply:

¡Oh mi señora mi señora. Por favor, no vienen a cerrar, es posible quedarse embarazada.

In the sublibet, L stands for "LOST". Now in it's fourth season, an example of combining awesome storytelling with great character development resulting in one of the best TV shows to hit the idiot box since M.A.S.H. I mean, no matter how you slice it, you can't beat the 4077th.

Monday, February 4, 2008

11th Letter of the Alphabet, Letter K

Oh sweet K. I've been low on the creativity biocharts for the last week, so K is gonna be suffering a little bit, not that it matters, K's life is shrouded in top secret anyway, and if she told you about her life she would have to kill you. She's the K in KGB, the K in Kill and the K in Kinky.. damn, I said to much alread......... .. .. ... ... . .