Tuesday, May 13, 2008

31in31 - May 13th - "In Response to Dan #3"

Dan's Entry of May 12th entitled "What's the Question Again?" I made this comment:

You are locking yourself up in a fallacious argument here. Although it IS fair to say that your belief system is rational to you, it is completely unfair to say that something that is not rational to you must be irrational for everyone. In this context, rationality is a methodology one uses as a mechanism to form conclusion, based on his or her "reason". Due to the nature of varying reasons (subject of belief), it is completely possible for two people to have complete rational thoughts and arrive at completely different conclusions, and perhaps this means conclusions that fall out of YOUR three “rational” choices.I do appreciate what you are doing here, being as you are telling us why YOU believe what you do, but to say that someone who in your mind is irrational in their belief try to defend it “must do so without the benefit of reason or logic or standards or facts” is just ridiculous. What is irrational to you maybe rational to others, and their opinions are just as defendable using benefits of reason, logic, standards and facts.


Steely Dan said...

Wow, this comment is hitting the internet in full force. I recieved it via my private email, it was then "outed" as a comment to my post, it has become
Alex's latest post to keep his streak alive (I wonder what he was doing last night that prevented him from writing additional thoughts), and NOW it is quoted in toto as part of my response, found here, http://strangershereourselves.blogspot.com/.

I am aware my posts are long, I am sorry about that but cannot help myself. Its not like its required reading or anything (I try to make them long enough for a healthy visit to the can).

Also, I am very excited about a pending contribution from Jen (it is after all OUR blog). What her posts lack in length they make up for in brevity, clarity and insight. :-)

Tan said...

Seems like there may be a private joke embedded here.

That's it...I'm going to try some cheese of the week ;)

Alex said...

Tan, you mean make a weekly blog of "cheese of the week"? Great idea, I would be a subscriber for sure.

Alex said...

AND I didn't see Missy's blog until now, please disregard last comment lol.

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