Thursday, June 26, 2008

Tabula Rasa

I think a five week break should do it.

During these last five weeks I did a lot thinking about things, profound things, very deep stuff.. and I got to thinking, I should kick the blog back into gear, wind 'er back up, kick start this piece of crap, use it as an avenue for venting, a place for the graffiti of my mind, the spray bomb of my brain. I invite you to stick around, read what I've got to say and if it so moves you to comment if you like.

Epiphany has been my best friend lately, and has made me re-aware of the blog. I love blogging. I love just having a place to write some crap down, and know it will be read by someone like you. I love walking down the cracked sidewalks of life realizing that I see things differently than most, realizing that through the expression of oneself we can learn, learn what makes us tick, what makes us tock, and what makes us wonder if the faded pink gum stuck on the sidewalk still has some flavour left in it. Epiphany has been my best friend lately, arriving at an interesting time of my life.

Experiments Gone Wrong:

The may experiment of 31in31 posts wore me out, and won’t be attempting that again. Some posts just need top screen priority for more than one day I found, and it sucked to knock a meaningful post down a notch just for a youtube video post or something of the sort. I now think having a post up for a week is not such a bad thing.

The whole religious debate.. Experiment? Yes.. gone wrong? Ah.. Yea. I’ve learned something from Epiphany, she tells me, “Alex, You can’t argue religion.”
The “yea but I’m right cause I *know* I’m right” stuff.. kind of done with it. I’m not saying I won’t make a post here and there, I just won’t be debating.

I had another experiment in the background that went way wrong.. way way wrong. I don’t even want to get into it, but it was like crack cocaine wrong, feeling right at the time and tumbling into a dark hole of unrecoverable death, down down down.. really.. it was bad, and I’m glad it never made it for public viewing. All those out there trying to imagine what it was? Good luck.. it’s dead now, over.. not even Stephen King could unstill that coffin.

Other Experiments:

The Alphabet gig.. that’s still going.. only four more letters. V, W, X, Y and Z. Yea I’ll finish this, kind of enjoyed it actually.

Stay tuned.. I’ll give your brain some candy it so needs. A lot of salty brains out there.. need to sweeten em up a pinch.