Sunday, May 11, 2008

31in31 - May 11th - "Jonesing"

In order to fulfill my promise I owe the blog a post today. This blog entry is coming off my blackberry so it will lack the links, spellcheck, etc..
Todays entry is thanks to James D. He asked me if I have ever heard of the word "Jonesing".. I had to admit that I have never heard of the word. I asked what it was all about, apparently its a replacement for the word "craving" and most often used in the addiction world. For example:
Dude, you got any green? Im jonesing for a hit.
Man that pot was soooo good, im totally jonesing for some grub.
Cathy V might say.. Im all wacked out, jonesing for brew, french press style.

I think im gonna make a bumper sticker... "Jonesing for the Truth"



Steely Dan said...

If you are Jonesing for the Truth, great line by the way, would you care if I explored some more of these kinds of questions on my blog? I am thinking of a series actually for as far as I can take it, trying to explain why I believe what I believe. I am not sure anyone would be interested or if there is danger in that however. Any thoughts?

Pauline said...

Make me one of those stickers please - but small enough for my backpack!

Alex said...

dan, of course you should, and besides excommunication, i don't see too much danger in it. ;-)

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