Saturday, May 3, 2008

31in31 - May 3rd - "Cloverfield"

Well its early saturday morning here in great Vancouver, and I'll be on a plane soon back to Calgary. To all those family members who read this blog and wonder why the heck i didn't call, it's been busy, real busy. I didn't even have a chance to eat any sushi, which (has to be a first). No sushi, damn.

Just finished watching "Cloverfield". Chris W, you and I are watching this one again on the big screen. I might just have to put it in my top 10!! After such horrible reviews I have postponed watching it, but when you're at a hotel, it's midnight and you can't sleep.. there's really no excuse not to, and I was totally surprised! Still buzzin.. intense..

News of the Day

A great day in Cuba.. Cubans are finally allowed to buy computers.. Yes you heard me right. But the bad bad internet is still a big no no. What fun is a PC without the Internet?

Video of the Day


Tan said...

My mom used to leave three Easter Cream Eggs on my pillow every Easter. Is it just me or did they used to taste better?

luda said...

I have wanted to see that movie for a long time! I'm excited that you liked it...can't wait! Let me know the date and the time and I'm there! P.S. welcame back to the wild west, traveling man ;)

Alex said...

yea yea, i have a rule that as soon as a DVD moves into my top 10 i have to buy it. ;-)

Nel said...

ALEX!! I am sad you didn't tell me you were in Vancouver...I could have come for dinner...shame on you!! But I know you were busy...anyways Chuck and I watched Cloverfiled and we were also surprised. We thought it was so well done and not overdone. I was a huge skeptic going in but I was drugged up from a painful dentist experience so Chuck figured it would be prime opportunity to make me watch it hehe.

The Big DC said...

I wasn't too sure about that movie when it was in the theatres so I never went to see it. Looked a little to similar to the "Blair Witch Project" style to me.

You boys (and girls) want to get to gether to watch? Your place or mine is cool, but lets do it soon. I need to see a good thriller ASAP. Julie doesn't like to watch 'em so I don't get to see them very often.

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