Wednesday, January 23, 2008

7th Letter of the Alphabet, Letter G

G is the "Goody Goody" in town, always doing the right thing, a follower of rules and a holder of the treasured Gold temperament. Words which it stands proud to lead are Gracious, Gratitude, and Goodness. G was a little disappointed when it heard that "G Unit" used her for their name, cause G Unit, a gangsta-drug-dealing-gun-toting-hiphop-gaggle of rapper wantabe's, doesn't really stand for anything represented by her whatsoever. I mean seriously, who writes crap like this: "I got birds backstage the serious eye candy I got birds in the hood so im in to birds with mary My writing methods got me more hoes than tice and betha Icy necklace on the tour bus ass naked here straight jump"

That aside, in the only alphabet that truly matters, "G" stands for "Guitar Hero"

You have all heard of the 50 year storm, a storm so great it occurrence is once every 50 years. Well, Guitar Hero is the 50 year video game, dripping in awesomeness and exploding in a massive fireball of awe-inspiring incredulous. To some, it's just a game, but to others it's a path to enlightenment, bordering on the religious.


Alex said...

Last night DC, Luda and I went to this Guitar Hero contest hosted by the Ranchmans Bar. Stealy and Epple showed up as our roadies. Long story short, DC took it down with an El'Fuego first place winning a whole lot of swag and gift certs which he will be willing to put towards next week's contest for all those who care to show up. Congrats DC. I on the other hand finished in fourth place. That sucks cause I know I can do better, way better. I am one with the machine, my blood runs hot with guitar hero. I was let down. Come out next tuesday night, see DC defend his title and see me attempting a crack at it. :-)

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