Tuesday, January 22, 2008

6th Letter of the Alphabet, Letter F

F, the 6th letter of the alphabet is the trouble maker, the king of crass. He spent his early years in the back of the class having too much fun, throwing food around and creating custom blow darts out of Bic pen casings and needles of compasses, and sticking them into O, due to the fact that O was quite a large target. (In hindsight he feels quite bad about this) He didn't like school, got bored and screwed around way too much so a new word had to be invented, "Failure". Except, he wasn't really a failure of life, people loved him and wanted to be his friend, and he loved life and lived it fully. He was to be known later in life as "Mr. Funny".

In the world of the Sublime, F stands for my favorite day of the week, "Friday"

Friday, the foreplay of the weekend, is where the fun happens. Everyone loves Friday, at least people that work a regular 80 hour week, and to the people that don't, you're missing out. Friday was invented by Mr. Gregorian in 1399 AD, for which he won the Noble Peace Prize for in 1442, the same day Columbus sailed the ocean blue.

This was written on a Tuesday, give me a break, I hate tuesdays more than mondays.


Tan said...

For a second there I thought we were skipping "F" because he was a little too risquee (yes that is how you spell it, I looked it up). Anyways, glad to see "F" is pretty close to what I imagined - the bad boy every girl wants to date. In my alternate reality, he looks like Colin Farrell.

The Big DC said...

Well I think Schappy missed out on this one as he could have chosen a much more utilitarian and colorful word for F, but instead he wussed out on Friday.

And Tan speaking of other F-Words hate to burst your bubble but Collin Farrell is gay...so if your alternate reality "F" wears a cashmere sweater and a Prada Man-purse then it fits the bill. All you women deny it, but I can see it and I am never wrong.

And before you beat me to it - another good F-word is Five. As in I owe you Five bucks.


Tan said...

Yes - you do owe me 5 bucks. Never underestimate the power of the internet.

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