Thursday, January 17, 2008

2nd Letter of the Alphabet, Letter B

As we carry on with the Sublime Alphabet, we get the voluptuous letter "B". "B" with it's fine curvy sex appeal, stands for a great word in the sublime language of the schaaper, that word is non other than.... ..."Bitchin'"

Ahh Bitchin. (Not to be confused with "Bitching" which is synonomous for seemingly endless complaining with the sole purpose of annoying the hell out of anyone caring to listen.) "Bitchin" is just something that is simply two quarts of cool, with a touch of dangerous. For example, when we pulled Jason K behind a Quad on a sled aka table with screws sticking out of it, it was damn cool, but because he tore open his jeans and almost lost his manhood in a fury of supersonic nastiness, it became "Bitchin".


"Man the way Alex was flying that kite in Kelowna looks like it could have killed him, I am not ashamed to admit that he's kind of a hero to me.."

"Yea, that sure was Bitchin.. wow, we are lucky to still have him around!"

1 comment:

luda said...

I believe those words came out of my mouth almost verbatim.
The way you handled that kite while scaring the living s*** outta any and all who dare pass within 100 FT of the beach, all while keeping yourself from being dragging by your ever-loving arms thru the surf and sand as the wind whipped that kite to a fevered frenzy truly was 'Bitchin' :)
A definite step above 'Awesome'!