Wednesday, January 16, 2008

1st Letter of the Alphabet, Letter A

This fine letter kick starts the "Alphabet" series part of my blog. Could there be a better letter to start an alphabet series? Hell no, "A" is used to being first at everything, and doesn't really like things to change. There was once a letter which no longer is in our alphabet, it was cross between an "A" and a "y" I forget how to pronounce it, but it tried to make a play to be the first letter of the alphabet, and "A" wouldn't have any of it, oooooh man was it MAD!! "A" kicked it's unpronouncable ass out and it ended up being part of some third world countries' alphabet. So, it's not a surprise that "A" stands for AWESOME. It's the Chuck Norris of the 'bet.

One of the highest ranks of greatness, only one position below "Sublime". It's better than "cool", way better than "wickit" and kicks the ass of "fun".

As used in a sentence:
"That clam chowder was pretty good!" "Pretty Good? that chowdah was awesome!"


Tan said...

According to my copy of the etymological dictionary of modern english, the root word to awesome is of course, AWE, a word which derives from an Anglo Saxon word for "fear or terror." So...when you say "this clam chowdah is AWESOME," you're actually saying..."This chowdah is so good, I'm actually afraid of it!" Which is totally cool. Just here to help. :)

Alex said...

Fear the Chowdah!! I love it. ;-)

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