Saturday, May 19, 2007

Welcome to Poker with Ray

Like a friggen pro, Ray walks over the poker tables, kicking the teeth out of his competition with a second place and a first place win, knockin yours truly out with a third place win.  I don't think I've seen him play better proving to be the one to be knocked out in future bouts.  I do however take credit for teaching him all he knows about the game, kinda like what I did with fly fishing... Ray, its a proud moment in my life to be taken down by a student, such as it was the day you caught more fish than me. You are on your own now, I have to let you go... Be all the player and fisher you can be, and one day... One day you might be able to teach me something.  Just remember, when you walk into my dojo, I will always be the sensay, and you the grasshopper. 

--sent with the almighty blackberry--


Anonymous said...

Yea Ray cleaned house but the funniest was watching Alex take out glen bit by bit, man alex owned glen.

Anonymous said...

Silence!!!.....I Speak......,
You are all formidable opponents, but you all underestimate the raw power of not-giving-a-flying-fuck, playing like there really is no tomorrow. After all, it is only $20! Here are a few other things you can get for $20:
-15 slurpees (the standard gauge of anything valuable)
-a chiropractic adjustment
-an explicit 'favour' in
Phuket (or South Africa if DC is reading this)
-approx. 3 slices of 'flaming-crack-pizza'
-1 drag of a stale virginia cigarette (the standard currency in 'the clink', while taking one in 'the stink')
-10 minutes of Telus long distance to wish your mother-in-law a happy birthday (only to be told that she's amazed how you 'get about on those sausage legs')

I prefer to spend my $20 on making donkey's asses of friends and family at a friendly card table...

Anonymous said...

holy crap that was funny

Steely Dan said...

I have to agree, I have never seen Ray play better. He took me out of both tournaments. And while I don't think I played those hands particularly well, the reality is that Ray played both hands that took me out very well. But be careful Ray, this donkey's ass is coming for you. Hee Haw!!

PS. As an ex prosecutor, I can tell you that you don't need to go to Phuket or South Africa to buy a favour for less than the cost of a couple foot longs . . . . (subs, people, sub sandwiches).