Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I have never..

..looked so forward to a freakin television show as I do now. TONIGHT.. LOST SEASON THREE 2 hour FINALE! Come over for the high def version.. you know you want to!
- My Theories.. (may contain spoilers to those who have not watched season three yet)
  • Charlie is finally gonna die brutha
  • Irritating Rose and her annoying husband.. gonzo.. gonna bite it in the battle.
  • "The Looking Glass" refers to the sequel of Alice in Wonderland where there is mirroring and time shifting. Also why the logo for the looking glass station is a rabbit..
  • Alex is pregnant... this is almost a guarantee, due to the fact in the last episode she is seen killing a rabbit. (Am I the only one who notices these things?)
  • Mr Negativity aka Jack MIGHT .. might.. be killed in endgame battle with Ben, hopefully anyway.. he's about as annoying and irritating as Rose and her husband.
  • Ben is not going anywhere. He makes the show.. the perfect villian.
  • As much as I don't want to see their faces anymore, I think Michael and his psycho son are coming back.. If he does, I kinda hope he dies for his back handed betrayal of his people.
  • I think smokey is going to participate in the battle.. siding with the losties.
  • Patchy, aka Mikail, is gonna die at the mighty hands of DESMOND

So lots of death and mayhem. Gonna be good.. ooo yea.. gonna be good.


Anonymous said...

Charlie will not die....guaranteed

Rose will not die but husband clearly does....

Desmond dies....

Jack will not die....guaranteed

And Alex is not pregnant...rabbit thing just trying to mess with viewers like you.


Alex said...

Holy crap, that was awesome. Best two hours of TV in my life, hands down. (I don't really know what "hands down" means, but it sounds good) LOST is off for EIGHT MONTHS NOW!! FREEEEEKKK!

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