Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Sandwich Terrorist

If there is one thing for certain here in Calgary, it's this: If you don't like your job, you can get a new one. Yes, that's right; you can work where ever you want. Ok, what does this mean? This means that if for whatever reason you don't LIKE YOUR JOB, feel free to throw in the towel and find something which MAKES YOU HAPPY.
I decided to allow Subway to appease my light appetite for lunch today. I ordered a six inch seafood sub. (Hey Alex, the 12" sub called, he's wondering what happened.. friggen oatmeal happened, with blueberries...tell him I'll call him back in two months.)
The worker, err.. "sandwich artist" who prepared my sub did not like her job. She was not happy, and she decided to be not happy to my sub. You know how they nicely lay the cheese slightly over lapping, careful to cover the whole sub? Not angry lady.. no... she throws two pieces of cheese in the middle of the sub. I say.. "you think you can spread those out a little" while doing the open-the-tent-door action with my hands. She took great offense to this and the rest of the veggies went on with a violent release of deep-seeded suppressed religious petulance. Then in a surprise attack mustard was blown all over it with a terroristic blast. I didn't even ask for mustard, but I knew I wasn't in control anymore. It was then wrapped in a C4 napkin and thrown into the bag, timer set to zero. It's not my sub's fault you don't like your job, and it certainly isn't mine. Why, for the love of everything sacred, are you working there?? Why don't you try next door maybe at the Pianni's Pizza.. or perhaps at the ONE POINT TWO MILLION OTHER JOB OPENINGS IN CALGARY??!? THAT WAS NOT A SUB YOU MADE ME, THAT WAS A PLASTIC BAG FULL OF SUICIDE SEAFOOD EXPLOSION! I didn't make a stink about this, I was with co workers and had to maintain my sense of professionalism. I ate it anyway.. but there is something to be said about presentation. Picture a sandwich, all nice and cut nicely.. mmm yummy.. now picture that sub smashed and smeared up on a window.. same ingredients, not so yummy, no..not so yummy at all. All cause someone doesn't like the job. Get a paper, pick up a phone..get a new job.

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