Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Oh the boring things I do..

A little insight to my daily activities.

Today I built a Linux server, more specifically, a debian variant Linux server called "Ubuntu Server (Fiesty Fawn)". On this server i put a website.. a secure one. You can check it out if you like, it's at https://securetimes.sublime.ca There's not much there right now, except for a hidden directory in /html called /private of which you need a username and password to gain entrance. The whole point of this server creation is to test out our security team. Inside this private folder is a $100 gift certificate for Best Buy. The first person to access this file wins the hacking challenge and is awarded the gift cert. The contest will be starting in about a month, so I think I'm gonna spruce it up a bit and build a story around it, a story about a spy who uses the web to transmit his illegally obtained information. These are boring things I do.. :)

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