Thursday, February 21, 2008

Yea yea..

I know. I haven't been updating recently, the letter "N" is just ITCHIN to get out there, but I'm keeping it at bay for a day or two.
Last night I went to go see "No Country For Old Men" in an effort to at least see ONE best picture nominee prior to Oscar Sunday. I'm glad I did. Being a Cohen Brothers fan this one did not dissappoint, but holy cow was it strange. The movie just kind of....ends, which I now believe to be a metaphor to death, a recurring theme throughout the movie is you never know when the end comes, it just happens. Everyone in the theatre was starring at the credits in disbelief.. Fantastic show. Kudos to the Cohens.
The lunar eclipse was pretty cool last night, unobstructed view in a clear night sky, couldn't have been better. It's gonna be a few years before we get another so hope you caught a little of it. I don't know why I like eclipses, or stellar events, perhaps it's because of the MASSIVE objects at play. Reminds us how small we really are. Speaking of which..

I think I should say a little piece about Zeitgeist The Movie.
I watched this movie online a few months ago, and I urge you to as well. You'll need a high speed internet connection and about two hours of time. In a nutshell (Albiet a little bias nutshell) It's an anti government, anti establishment, anti christian propaganda pile of crap. I invest a lot of time into information gleaming, and one of the most important things that I have learned is this: When something starts off by telling you it is THE TRUTH, it's most likely not.
That being said, millions are watching and believing, so much so that you will hear about this very soon if you haven't already (not including this post)
I urge anyone who engages in a conversation with someone, or is challenged by someone with the "truths" proposed in this film, please build up some knowledge by checking out the THIS LINK HERE. It's a site very well organized in the debunking of this film. The Christian / Pagan Copycat Theory is NOT NEW, it is over 100 years old and has been debunked for a very long time by educated scholars.
I'll be back.
;-) AS


Nel said...

The boys and I witnessed the lunar eclipse last night from their bedroom window. It was a pretty amazing show. It was also one of those really cool moments you have with your kids where everything is peaceful and they are just completely enthralled at the event taking place. Of course that lasted about 30 mins then Sam came bolting out of his room with a look of terror on his face and told me he was convinced he saw an asteroid heading right for the moon....*sigh* KIDS!

Alex said...

Hilarious Nel, just thinking about Sam cracks me up. He's certainly a shaapy!

Mattie said...

Man oh man things like that must run in the family, only I know a Schaap that didnt think an asteriod was heading for the moon, but in fact claims to have seen, wait for it, a real live UFO... OOOWWWHHHHHHH

This shout out goes to a one RS, may his story of how he "Saw a UFO"and how he told it remain in my top moments of 2008.


Alex said...

And I am completely and utterly jealous of this sighting. It just isn't my time yet, but soon.. yes soon it will be revealed to me.

Eric said...

I set up a chair infront of our living room sliding door and watched it until it was out of view. I was too lazy and warm to go out and watch the moon slip out of our shadow. I felt the same about it as you did. Why was I so interested in this? Because it's such a huge massive event that makes me feel so small. Also, I kept thinking of how many pairs of eyes were fixed on the same object. Very cool! Oh and Katie and I both saw that asteroid/UFO, read the main schaap blog if you wanna know more about it.

Mattie said...

I tried to read more about it, only I am not an invited reader so it becomes impossible. Oh well glad to hear that it runs in the family : ) JK I love the Schappers!!


Eric said...

Alex, I had some time to watch Zeitgeist the movie. I have heard about this movie a while ago but most of it from people not mentioning the movie itself but by quoting parts of it. As I was engaging myself in it I had many of those "Ahh, so this is where they got that from" moments. Scary, I hear quotes from a movie without even knowing it. This little film really is getting into people's minds.
During the whole movie I was pausing it and looking up facts on what was said. I was able to debunk most of it myself. The 9/11 crap is also nothing new, it's all be debunked already. The only part that holds any ground is last part about the federal reserve and how money isn't based on Gold anymore.. bla bla. Yeah the economy could cycle and crash again. That happens. So overall, this movie did nothing for me other than leave me a little.. well.. not surprised.
In my life and faith I feel that if not attacked, there's something wrong. So I actually feel a little uplifted from it.
Let me know if you think i'm wrong here, but could this be dangerous for people "on the fence"? Is it a good idea to post it or tell people about it?
I feel these things are just best left alone.
Also, if any of you did see it, go to youtube and search for "zeitgeist debunked". There you'll find a 5 part series by a very smart guy "Keith Truth"