Monday, February 25, 2008

14th Letter of the Alphabet, Letter N

One year ago, give or take a week, I was laid up on my couch with a lower back outage. I was grumpy, unapproachable and not very communicative. It sucked. I was in my pit of dispair watching some stupid daytime talk show when Tanya came over for a visit and gifted me with a Tim Horton's Large Double Double in a Roll Up The Rim To Win cup. It was the kick off to the most anticipated contest in Canada, and became a kick off to my recovery. Soon after my first roll up cup I thought it would be a great idea to start a blog about the successes and failures of rolling up the rim. But day after day, blogging a seemingly never ending string of losses, it became boring, resulting in a blogger's block which lasted more than a lunar month. I needed a new idea, a new blog. In April 07 I started Sublimation, the blog about anything and everything, and haven't stopped since. Coming up with new ideas, stories and basic bull crap which comprise and compliment the entries of this blog, is really not as easy as it looks. I wanted this blog to be a reflection of who I am, a guide for readers to get to know me better, an invitation to those who wish to trespass into the whirlpools that are my thoughts, and further on into the labyrinth that is my mind. But alas I think I have failed in this mission. Sublimation has been too "safe". I have over 20+ posts in behind this one that have never made it to publication, posts which I lacked the necessary kahonees to press the publish button on. Perhaps this is a good thing, perhaps, it's better to keep people guessing sometimes, perhaps it's the right thing to do, better safe than sorry right? Meh.. Consider this; if you truly want to get to know someone on an authentic level, wouldn't you rather be sorry than safe? Oooo, I like where this is going.. Note to self: Future Blog Idea #243 - Levels of Authenticity, When to Break the Rules

OK, so what the hell.. "N"? Where was I going with that you ask? "N" stands for "Noisotherm"
It's a campaign I will be integrating into my life starting with the Vernal Equinox of 2008, ending with the Vernal Equinox of 2009. It's completely original, never been done before by anyone anywhere at any time. It will be intoxicating. Authenticating. Yea it might fail, might fail bad, that's cause it's not a safe route, it's risky, and the most difficult thing I will have ever done. But if it succeeds? I make Oprah.


The Big DC said...

I had a nasty case of Noisotherm once, but the doctor gave me some topical cream that cleared the sonufabitch right up.

I was beginning to wonder if your alphabet peaked too early and we were all going to be left with a bland second half of words like people and widget. You better not dissappoint - though I have heard from someone that shall remain un-named that you do have a problem with climaxing early so I won't hold my breath :) Though I must admit that the noisotherm has me intrigued. I will wait for more.

Keep up the good work on dis dat der blog. I enjoy the read and every entry I consume pushes me that much closer to spawning a blog of my very own. When that happens we will have what history textbooks of the future will refer to as a pivotal TSN turning point of the universe.


Anonymous said...

Darren thanks, I think ;-)
Yes you do need to blog for the love of everything. Just start one and try a weekly meandering, chances are we can feed on each other and kick it up a notch, cause something strange is a foot at the circle K and shit's going down.

Tan said...

No...shit's going UP, Alex...into the fan.

Miss said...

N was intriguing but I think M got shafted and deserves a bit more. Also, I think it is time for an ice wine night and a chat - the weenings

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