Monday, February 11, 2008

Mexico update Dos

Thats "two" in spanish
So here I sit at the grand buffet, its raining hard outside at 730pm.. Its more humid than an irish spring in heat. (Does that make sense? If not you'll really find in a state of not giving an iota of a damn right now)
Okay so I found something today.. In mexico all inclusive you get good service.. But tip and the service you get is muy bien.. And thats spanish for holy shit.. So this guys been serving me all night, His name? Jesus. So... Jesus been servin up the schaaper with Mojitos all night, schaapers feelin fine, Jesus comes round with cocorachas, lights me up with tequila el fuego.. Nice!
Today was a pool day.. And i got some time to fly the kite, very nice! I drank no less than 23 drinks today.. Not including tequila. Adios moi amigos.... Adi frickin os..
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Tan said...

Are the drinks included in the all-inclusive??? 23 drinks! How can you stand up?? Make sure you don't drown in that pool a'yours, there Schaaper.

Steely Dan said...

Not counting the tequila. Of course not. Who counts tequila?!?

Anonymous said...

Beware tequila - it is a fickle friend

The Big DC said...

Me and Tequila get along REALLY nice.

Julie and Tequilla is another story.

Julie + Tequila + quarters = bad time for the DC.

23 drinks is not too bad only if that's your count by 10:00 AM in the morning. If that's your daily count then you need to turn it up a notch.

Agree on the tipping. That is they key to All-inclusive bliss. Leave one for your maid too - she will leave all kinds of origami face cloths for you :)

Hope you have a great time!

mark said...

Watching Julie mix mexicans finest TQ with quarters is a must see!! A real treat of our Mexico trip last April :)

I want pictures of Alex with a line up of Mexican beverages. Before and after shots.