Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Mexicana Updatio Quatro

Easy peasy day today.. Again, lots of pool time and beach. It was hotter than a flaming coconut today, and the wind was almost non existant. Maddy and Leesie opted for the kids club for the morning and really enjoyed themselves. I opted for the daquari club this morning and really enjoyed myself. Leona has burned herself to a kentucky fried chicken seems someone needs to invent 200spf for that poor woman. I convinced a few folk to meet for a 10oclock swim 2nite, lookin forward to finally breaking a few rules. Tomorrow we go to Xel-ha for the day.. Google it, its cool.
This is from Madison (ver batam)
We found a coral. We are having lots of fun. We have nice paintings in our room, and its really hot out and I have my arm sunburnt. The guy comes in to make our bed and he puts an animal made out of towel, first he made a swan, we broke it, then he made a ballerina, and we took off her head, and then he made a doggie and his eyes and nose were out of tissue paper. We have special bags. We saw parrots and fireflys and lots and lots of lizards. And the airplane we went on was called sunwing. Daddy goes swimming and his belly is white (thanks mad) see you soon.
Shapper and Shapperette..

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