Monday, September 8, 2008

Treadmilling In Space

So, this is me in the International Space Station.. I was up there for six months when this picture was taken by my ship mate. I politely asked him not to take any pictures, but he snuck this one in, what a dork.
Space changes you, what can I say. You can see how long hair can get in a zero gravity, it's nuts. Uncontrollable flyaway hair.
So treadmilling in space is a necessity to keep our muscles from atrophy. The bungies are set to pull us down onto the treadmill track at our body weight, but we frequently changed the settings as a gag. I once set my buddies bungies to be 500 lbs.. oh man.. now there's a picture I should dig out.
Anyway.. I'll check around for a few more pictures of my super adventurous life. Any requests?


Tan said...

I heard you once lived as a know, toying with the whole cross-dressing thing. I'll never forget that awful wig. Didn't you used to sing in Vegas for awhile? Dig some of those pics out for a laugh.

Alex said...

Although I never once lived as a woman, I did once have the body of one. And yes, I did sing and was a showgirl in vegas for awhile.. Oooo me lord. Let me see if I can dig something up. This is getting um.. tricky.

Ray said...

how about Alex on the West Coast Trail? ooooooooooo me lord!!