Thursday, September 11, 2008

Singing in Vegas

So, for a short stint I did this singing gig in vegas.. yes it was a long time ago, and I'm not overly proud of it. My most popular number was this one called "Wailing in the Rain" my tribute to Debbie Reynolds. It was first done as a bit of a joke but my agent said GO WITH IT.. so I did. It ran for 45 consecutive weeks at the Gold Nugget Hotel and Casino. I eventually quit citing "wet dresses and high heels" were just not my thing anymore. I made a lot of money at this time, but then lost it all on a single hand of blackjack. Note to self.. never ask for hit on 20.


Eric said...

ooooo sexy!

Tan said...

I remember your tits bigger. Oh well. Good times...good times.

Anonymous said...

Tanya said "tits". Hee hee

Tan said...

Cha chas
Dairy pillows
Rib bumpers
Etc. that that's outta the way...

Miss said...

this is my favorite photo of you. You must tell me your work out secrets and how you kept your tits so perky.

Anonymous said...

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