Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Black Holes and Revelations

The above image is the "Google" image du jour, and has become my favorite Google Logo Art. In a nut shell, CERN is turning on the Large Hadron Collider today, and it's been speculated that the experiments could cause a black hole right here on earth causing unknown disasters including the destruction of the planet itself. I think the Google Logo artist had some fun with this one as they made it look like "Google" was being sucked into said black hole. Awesome.
Keep an eye out for anything strange in the next few days, such as Deja Vu, unexplainable coincidences etc.. We might also be switching in between parallel universes so if all of a sudden you notice you have a different spouse.. well.. just wait a few days.



Eric said...

So is there some kind of "School house rock" that can tell us how the Large Hadron Collider works? Oh wait, I just found it... The Hadron rap! checky checky check id out!

Steely Dan said...

Alex, believe it or not, I did not see your post until after writing mine. What a quinky-dink. That said, I have been distracted all day trying to come up with a visual that tops treadmilling in space.

Elvis on stage?
Getting sworn in as POTUS?
Olympic Podium?
Heads up with Chan?
007 DVD cover art?

I dont know, your latest pick is pretty tough to beat. But it would be a sweet gallery.

Steely Dan said...

Oooh! Alex aka IRONMAN!

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