Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Cult of the Sierra Lima - Kevin

Kevin woke up suddenly from an early evening nap, he would have probably slept through the night had it not been for the vibration of his blackberry still holstered to his side. The TV was still tuned to CNN, talk of more imminent hurricanes was the topic of the hour, with replays of Anderson Cooper being tossed around like a rag doll during a live transmission of a category four hurricane landfall somewhere in the southern states. Pictures of leaves being violently torn from trees, trees being torn from the ground, ground being torn from the earth. His blackberry vibrates again. On the screen is a message:

Congregating under large trees or finding the home entertainment service can only reach cold headless endorphin drenched lackeys encircling a fire. Be at the meeting place in 15 minutes.

Kevin puts on his shoes and leaves without turning off the TV.


luda said...

What the ' ??? Why is Kevin invited and where, pray-tell, are they all congregating. Tell me, TELL ME before I start running around in circles; muttering incessantly "Adam...Tony... Kevin...Cult of the Sierra Lima, Adam...Tony... Kevin...Cult of the Sierra Lima, Adam...Tony... Kevin...Cult of the Sierra Lima"

Anonymous said...

The revelation of the sierra lima is like walking into a safe with the door closing behind you. Once you're in you cannot leave until all the air has been used up and you leave by spirit.


Anonymous said...

I feel as if there is something that I supposed to get from these messages... as if these three, and maybe soon to be more, men are trying to tell me something. If only I could decipher it and find the meaning behind the madness. Ah screw it, I will just go for beers with some buddies on friday instead.