Thursday, July 5, 2007

Goodbye Guitar Hero.... HELLO ROCK BAND

If you been to my place, you've probably seen or played guitar hero on the xbox. Guitar Hero is an extremely addicting "guitar simulation" where the player uses a special guitar shaped controller called an "xplorer", and follows a series of colored notes travelling down a neck of a guitar on the screen. The notes are in sync with the notes of the music being played, and if hit correctly, you'll be jamming with a band on a stage. Points are given for accuracy.
I have accumulated over 7,000,000 points in my band career, and I've barely reached the "hard" level. I'm embarrassed to say how many hours this has taken, but there are many out there on the "expert" level who have invested three times the amount of time I have. I take solace in that. Yea, I enjoy it, but I'm not obsessed.
As I play, I can't help but think how fun it would be to play the drum track. Well, it's coming. There's a new product soon to be released called "Rock Band". Not only do you get the guitar, but you get a bass guitar, a four pad drumkit with a kicker, and a microphone for Karaoke.. WHAT? no kidding.. a mic. But quite possible the BEST THING going.. is one song. The one song that will make this the best game ever. Included in this package.. is Blue Oyster Cult "The Reaper"!! Not included however, is a cowbell, but you can be damn sure I'll be getting one.
This my friends is gonna be the ultimate party game! I know I'm gonna cringe at the price, but I don't think I'll be able to say no to this. Rock Band with Cowbell... coming to alex's basement near you. ;-)


Anonymous said...

Ahhhhh Schappy - I had a good time last night and hope you did too.
I'm glad you sent me the link to this blog since I hadn't seen anything blogwise from you since the roll up the rim to lose thing. I still don't know the story there (whether some nasty cease and desist letter from good ol' Tim Horton or what) but all of a sudden....poof! There went my daily reading site.

Any case, I had heard about this Rock Band thing a while back as well and I can already tell you that I will be first in line ( hear me right. FIRST!) for that thing. Even if it costs me $500 bucks it's still $9500 cheaper than the drumset I want to buy.

For those of you who have never walked in on me beating my stick (no, not that stick) on my imaginary drumset you are missing out. It's kinda like getting walked in on as a 15 year old pubescent boy (minus the kleenex and moisturizer of course). It's almost as embarassing for the intruder as it is for the performer. Having a little toy like this will at least make things appear a bit more normal (okay - normal is REALLY realtive for me OKAY?!!!).
I will maintain that I still have the best imaginary drumset on the planet - you should hear me wail out Tom Sawyer on that mutha. I gots chops.


Anonymous said...

How bout you just let me get one, I'll need you on skins anyway! Lol

Anonymous said...

and I play a mean triangle...


Mattie said...

I can always play the cowbell if you need a fourth...

I can put on my pants one leg at a time and then proceed to make gold records!!