Friday, July 20, 2007

I'm in the mood

to go home and sleep in my own bed.  ;-)
I'm writing this entry from science world in vancouver, it's busy here, so busy in fact there was no parking to be found, so i parked in staff parking.. I hope the van is still there when i get back... If i get back and not stomped to death by a million 11 year old kids vieing for position to the snot gallery called grossology. There's this woman here who scared the ever loving shit outta me when from 10 feet away screamed at the top of her everloving lungs directly at me... I jumped clear out of my skin... People thought i was a exhibit from the human anatomy show... Turns out she has touretts,  i think.  Anyway then it became funny and she pulled the same tourette-a-tete on sonya, caught her off guard to say the least.  She too became an exhibit.. Only in grossology cause she crapped right there.... On the floor..
Hope the van is still there.


Tan said...

I was missing this sublime break in my day...11 days is too long to wait. Adrian's seen that grossology exhibit here in Calgary - can't you measure the decibels of your burps there?? I always want to scream when I see you, Alex, but only in a good way. Was that my outside voice? Hurry back.

Anonymous said...

Thanks tan... Be back soon, btw the van was still there.. No ticket. Im a mofo genius.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Tan. My daily blogification was have withdrawals. Loved it at the science museum. Thanks for taking the time. As event.

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