Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Movies you have to watch..

Two movies you have to watch in the next few weeks:

"Office Space"

This movie was a recommended watch to me from Ray and Tan YEARS ago. I believe their exact words were.. "WHAT? you haven't watched OFFICE SPACE??" followed by this look of tharn and disbelief. After succumbing to the enthusiasm of R and T’s recommendation, I understood the justification for the outburst. This movie is ha-fricken-larious. If you have ever worked in an office environment, and even if you haven’t, you will be able to relate to the characters in this movie. The story is about a few office workers that hate their jobs. The office, the bosses, the TPS reports, the annoying no-one-knows-what-he-does guy, the super-duper happy receptionist, the fax machine, the copier, are all despised by the characters. Among the other great performances, the sympathetic character “Milton” played by Stephen Root, is delivered to perfection. Give the guy his stapler!!
I now own this DVD and keep it at work on my desk, next to my swingline stapler. Rarely is it there however, as I lend it to everyone that hasn’t seen it. If someone pays my desk a visit I’ll ask them if they’ve watched it, and if they haven’t I echo R and T’s enthusiastic question… “WHAT??? YOU HAVEN’T SEEN IT??”

“Fight Club”

I tend to pick up on things pretty fast, I can figure stuff out quickly. It’s what I do. Yea, I might not be able to fix a damn car or for some dumb reason remember people’s names, but I can solve stuff lickity split. It’s hard to pull one over on the schaaper. “Fight Club” pulled one over on me and I instantly fell in love with it because of that. The author, Chuck Palahniuk draws you inside someone’s head, and builds this story written totally in the first person. An office worker (Ed Norton) and a soap salesmen (Brad Pitt) build a club which helps men identify who they truly are. The very interesting thing about this movie is the main character played by Ed Norton doesn’t have a name. He’s credited as “the narrator”, and his narration is unique and quite thought provoking.
This is quite a violent movie, but I wouldn’t consider it gratuitous. This movie is one to see more than once, and is much more fulfilling watching it the second and third times.


Anonymous said...

First time I've seen your site - very fun. As for movies . . . I'd like to add that JAWS would be a great movie to re-watch because horror is a huge genre right now and summer is here. My favorite scene is when they are singng on the boat.

Steely Dan said...

OFFICE SPACE RULES!! It has been a favorite of Jen and I for years. The main character happens to be great in another of my favorite movies, Swingers. Anyway, best scene is when they go "Boyz in the Hood" on a printer. No wait, the "oh" face. No wait, the scene about flair. No wait, when they look up "launder" in the dictionary. No, traffic. Oh, f-it. There are no bad scenes in this movie.

And yes, Swingers is still great after 15-20 viewings.

Alex said...

I have never seen Jaws, and Dan, I have never seen Swingers! Sounds like two more I need to watch!

Anonymous said...

Check out this link for a review:


Mattie said...

Wow, i agree wholeheartedly with your sentiments. I cant beleive that you hadnt seen office space. Where do you think my "Oh face" comes from!!
"Ummmm yahhh, I'm going to need you to go ahead and come in on Saturday, Okay"

"you know what i would do with a million dollars... Two chicks man... Two chicks at the same time. I figure a million dollars would get you that"

I could go on and on my man! Great movie.

I agree with dan on swingers! single handedly brought "Baby" out of retirement!!"

Alex said...