Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Our blog war starts.. NOW

If you so choose to accept it.. if not, well, then I win. What is a blog war? Simply respond to the following statement in your own blog. Best response wins. (if there is one) Comments are disabled for this entry.

I hereby declare a blog war with the following situation: (we'll start with an easy one)

Situation: No Limit TexHE Tourney, stacks are lopsided, you have an average stack of about $2500 blinds are 100 / 200. There are eight players on the table, you are UTG. You are dealt "sigfried and roy" (QQ) and are first to act. You raise 3x the big blind. Position 4 folds, Position 5 folds, Position 6 raises $600, Position 7 folds, Position 8 folds, Dealer folds, SB folds, BB goes all in with $1400.00.

Intel: Position 6 is staring down at the table and avoiding eye contact. He is currently the chip leader at the table with $9000 in chips. He has brought gatorade to the table and eats cherry tomatoes. He has a reputation for finishing in the money, he is what you would consider to be a "good player". You did, however, find out that the night prior he was at casino and lost a wad of cash at the poker tables. He is single, and has no where to be at this hour, which is.. 1:30am. The BB (all in) position is fidgity. He is tired and had a fight with his spouse prior to the game. He keeps looking at his watch. He is however, known to you as a sneaky player, and a jackass. You want nothing more than to relieve this table of his presence.

Everyone waits for your call... what do you do? and.. why?

Check out these blogs for possible answers:

Dan has replied in his blog (click here)
Basically he says "it's the easiest call ever"
I disagree. I say.. the move is fold. Dan did however get a few points correct in my opinion, a crappy bet under the gun with 2500 should have been a push it in sally. But, NOW.. he knows he's beat, most likely with AA or KK by seat 6 there who if he was smart would not go all in, but attempt to pull an all in reraise by you. BB is a wash, he's on a hail mary at best. So, if you call your against AA KK or AK.. only the latter you have a 2% edge on, so it's a race. I say, chuck the cards. Finishing in the money is your only goal here. And, the fact that BB is all in allows you the satisfaction to see how your cards would have lost anyway. Keep in mind you are UTG. ANY Raise made by UTG at an 8 player table HAS TO BE INDICATIVE to a good hand. Number six is not an idiot, as stated in the intel... He has seen your raise, and knows it's not a good position to be bluffing in. HE KNOWS you have goods, and yet he is still willing to challenge it. He has you beat my friend.. he has you beat. Lay it down, lay it down.. then say "that was one hell of a lay down" but at least your still in the game.