Monday, August 4, 2008

Why I Hope Obama Wins

It's not really characteristic of myself to post about american politics, or anything political, or american for that matter, so.. this is rare. I thought I would whip up a quick post on why I hope Obama wins the big erection.

1. McCain is a double talking puppet with no spine.

2. Obama as president would make for some good TV, not that I watch much, but a guy that is smart enough to write his own speeches might actually be smart enough to fix a few problems.

3. Don't you think the old war dudes are becoming cliche? OOOooo I spent time in a PoW camp, vote for me vote for me.. I'm a survivor.

Also.. while we're on the topic, let's talk about Iraq. At first, way back in the day, I was sold on the invasion of Iraq, but then after really thinking about it, I think I just liked watching things blow up on TV in green nightvision.. that was kind of cool. Now I just see it as a pointless war fueled by fuel and justified by religion..meh, I'm happy canadians chose not to go, actually no.. I'm damn happy and proud of it.

And a note to all those (and I'm always surprised by actually HOW MANY americans say this, and mean it) who say, "Well how can you vote someone who's name sounds like Osama and who's middle name is Hussien"?? Whaaaaat? This is true.. people actually think this. I can't even imagine why, I simply can't understand the mentality of this.. it's like saying "McCain is like frozen pizza.. I cannot think of anything else but frozen pizza when I say McCain. How can I vote for a frozen pizza? This is crazy!! AAAHHHHGG I can't VOTE FOR A PIZZA!! WHAT AM I GONNA DO??" I am completely at a loss of understanding.



Steely Dan said...

Alex, do you really want to go down this road?

Now, a case can be made for Obama, but no-one would begin it with "McCain has no spine." There are many things to critique McCain about, lacking guts, political or otherwise, is not one of them.

And having that critique come from the Obama side of the aisle is rich indeed, Audacious even. I am curious if you even understand why?

You may want to dig a bit deeper this time than media soundbites and youtube before opine on matters of importance.

Alex said...

I made a bet who would be first to comment.. I won.

Steely Dan said...

I'm glad. I hope you gave them odds.

Alex said...

At least I had the audacity

Steely Dan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Alex said...

Obama for Prezzy.
Seriously, I'm canadian, what do I care? I think it's kinda cool when our dollars are at par though, and ultra cool when the canuck buck sails past... whoever or whatever is causing that to happen, that's who I want as prezzy. Maybe that's McCain?
If so.. McCain for Prezzy.

Steely Dan said...

Audacity might be one word. I could think of a few others.

But I should say that you have inspired me, Alex. I was writing a post (I most often write about something to figure out what I think about something) that outlines my political views and philosophy. Mainly just to clear my head pre-election and take stock of my own thoughts.

Now, I will preface that series of posts with a brief and I-am-sure-futile post on why Canadians ought to care about US politics. And caring implies thinking rather than just drinking to Kool-Aid. I mean, besides the obvious reason of enjoying the ultra-cool joy of watching the US dollar slow sufficiently for the Canadian dollar to catch-up . .err. . "sail past."

The Big DC said...


Meet at the flag pole after school!

My whole take on this is the 'ol Sizzler connundrum.

No, not the problem I run into at Sizzler with their salad bar and a small plate.

The sizzle-steak paradigm.

Obama is ripe with Sizzle, but I have yet to see a whole lotta steak there. That's why the media love him. They can get their jobs done without having to turn their brains on.

McCain on the other hand has the opposite problem. To much steak, not enough sizzle. This guy is about as bland as a T-Bone prepared by my old Dutch grandmother. They don't grill their steaks, they boil them until they can be eaten, or turned into a shoe. McCain is about half way between a steel toed boot and a Doc Marten.

To those who can't pick steak or sizzle I ask this question:

Which manager would you rather work for?

1. The one who promises the world, is inspiring and motivating, but is completely ineffective and all his pie-in-the-sky promises never materialize. OR
2. The steady, stalwart boss, who is straghtforward, realistic and pragmatic and gets things done.

I've worked for both, and I know which one I prefer.

Alex said...

What you seem to overlook is blatant. In politics, you don't have to be a DOER.. you simply need to be a THINKER. People will DO what you THINK.
Comparing political office to Darren's manager? Come on now.
Viva Obama.

Have the Audicity.

Anonymous said...

Alex - kudos for the post! I was contemplating posting a comment on a pro-McFrenchFry blog. I think we shouldn't discuss politics with our American friends because we want them to remain our friends. I realize that I will never understand how blind nationalism can be mistaken for patriotism.

Eric said...

Alex, It is becoming more and more clear to me that you are becoming a product of the media. And I know you'll never admit that. But they feed you garbage, and what do you know... out comes garbage! Dude... it's getting a little stinky.

So tell me, how many americans actually say that they wouldn't vote for Obama because of his name? Did you get that from CNN too? They hear of a few idiots who would utter such nonsense and Post the headline: "Middle americans use Obama's name as reason to not vote for him."

Another thing... You and I both know that war in the name of religion is bad bad bad. So why don't I hear you bitch about extreme Islam? THEY hold a belief in the ONLY religion now that would kill if you don't believe what they do. Do you think Bush justified his war by religion? Yeah, he may be a christian but he never said he's going to war in the name of Christ. So you get it? they kill us in the name of their god, real christians don't kill in the name of christ!

I thought I was at a loss of words after reading your completely retarded post (oh, sorry, that wasn't PC) I mean mentally challenged post.. my bad.


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