Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Hey U!


You're almost two weeks back with your blog.. let's get a freakin move on. I'm starting to feel alone here in cyberspace


You need to get your blog up or I'll start posting video of your guitar hero contest crash and burn. Yea that's right.. a threat.


Get new pants. Those green pants have got to go my friend... time for something new.


I need you to approve 200 / year on the family budget to help upgrade me to a new blog spot. I'm getting close to done with the freebie stuff. Besides, Wordpress has more features.


Thanks for being a loyal reader, but I think it's time for you to start your own gig. GIG IT UP SIS!


Mattie said...

Happy Pappy???

Nel said...

Totally off topic but I have to ask this question because I NEED to know the does one GO VIRAL? Is it dependent on the number of hits you receive on a particular web blog/video? It is driving me crazy...all I hear is...WE WENT VIRAL! Like just sounds nasty.

Alex said...

when something goes "viral" it means that people are sending it to each other in thier emails.. and it propagates like wildfire. for example, if you like this blog you can send the link to your entire address book saying "you should check out this blog!" then if they like it, they'll do the same, and so on and so on.. like a virus. One day I hope my blog will go viral like postsecret, or stuffwhitepeoplelike. ;-)


Anonymous said...

What was with the green pants comment? Was that directed at me? If it was, then I am sensing a challenge, and that my friend, is something I don't often back down from. Green pants?? Whats with the goatee on your face. Time for a new look my friend! Call me and we'll meet out back!!
Green Pants...

Alex said...

Does anyone have a picture of Mark in his green pants? you know the ones i'm talking about? The ones that have more holes than material. How these things stay together is a miracle worthy of notation. I think most of the damage is due to the thousand degree exhaust pipe of an ice auger or lighting fires with gasoline from 3 inches away. Anyway, you are COMPARING MY goatee to your green pants?? yikes, my friend.. yikes.

LS said...

ok - in order to add to the family budget, we needs to have a budget. Anyone want to help with that?!

Tan said...

I know this is a little old but has anyone ever seen Mark in his "painting jeans"???? Freakin' hilarious. Circa 1985!

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