Thursday, March 13, 2008

What the..??

Here's something you can't make up:

(news link here)

Kansas woman Pam Babcock had a phobia about leaving her bathroom, so she stayed in there for two years, fusing her butt to the toilet seat so firmly a pry bar was needed to get it off. A PRY BAR.
Her boyfriend would send her food and new clothes and stuff, but she never got out. Donkey boyfriend waited 2 years before he scratched his head and thought that it might be time to call someone to help. 2 years, no calling for help, girlfriend in bathroom with toilet seat fused to ass.

Dear Boyfriend of Ms Toiletseatass,

What were you...?? what the...??? please explain why the....?? why would you... ?? why.. ......
Ah forget it.



Eric said...

2 years and 1 day ago she ate at taco bell...

Alex said...


Tan said...

Why would she need new clothes in the bathroom?