Monday, March 17, 2008

Drama at the Alt

So I'm at the Alt Hotel Quebec, laying on my bed watching the movie "I Am Legend" and just about when the movie starts getting good I hear a dripping sound in the bathroom. First I thought it was just a leaky faucet, but when the dripping started to increase in frequency I went to investigate. The source was a ceiling vent dripping water into the toilet. Not knowing much about plumbing, I knew this was wasn't right. With in seconds the dripping increased to a steady stream, then two streams, then a stream coming down from the light. I called the front desk.

"Hello, there is a downpour happening in my bathroom"
"Ah yes, very good, I will have it checked out, Merci"
"Very Good, thank you"

So now I'm just standing there watching this shower happen beside my shower and I'm thinking, this is stupid, I should go check this out. I leave the room and go to the room above me. As I get there the hotel manager is there as well. He knocks on the door, no answer. He uses his cordless phone, no answer. He is very apologetic to me and I tell him it's no problem and ask if there is anything I can do. He says no. He then goes to get a master key, comes back to open the door, the door opens but it is locked with the chain from the inside. He yells through the crack to anyone inside, no one answers. Now it's getting freaky, and I'm thinking someone is dead or near dead. Morbid curiousity getting the better of me I ask if he would like me to kick the door down, (rather in jest), he says no. He then calls the police, who arrive quickly. I was staying out of the way at this point, and really fought the urge to see what was up. I heard them kick the door down in three loud kicks.. (must've been a light weight). The cops are still in there.
I have since been given a new room, but no updates yet. EMT hasn't shown up, I hope that's a good sign. Bed time.


Pauline said...

Oh that would creep me out....
With the chain done up... that would mean that someone was in there!!!
Hopefully it was someone who started to run a bath but instead passed out drunk on the bed...

Alex said...

No baths in these modern rooms. I investigated my room's bathroom and try and find out how it could have happened.. it must have been deliberate. The sink has overflow protection, and the shower has a drain. My bet is there was a towel on the drain in the shower. It's one of those glass door showers on granite designs.. you don't step over anything to get into the shower. Still have no idea what happened, about to find out.

Pauline said...

Im waiting...

Alex said...

No update yet, I'll talk to the night guy tonight (this happened at 12:30am) to see what happened. I have a new theory: Drunk person comes back to the hotel, thinks a shower will make them feel better, pass out IN the shower blocking the drain. Because the shower floor is the same level as the actual floor, this will flood almost immediatly. In hind-site, I should have felt the temperature of the water.. but that's kinda gross as well. Check back later tonight for the real story!

Pauline said...

I cant handle the suspense!
Probably just an overflowed toilet LOL!
Good thing you didnt touch it... that is pretty gross :P

Mattie said...

That is an awesome story, and one that I am deeply intrigued to find out more about. But the real question that I have for you, is did you like the end of I am Legend and do you think that Will Smith should have received some sort of Oscar nod for his one man show? Just a thought and question.

How is the art shopping going?

Alex said...

I never finished watching the movie! I was drowned out of the room, then it got too late to finish. I'll probably wrap it up tonight. I'm in one of the hotels that allow for fast forward, so i won't need to rewatch the the first half.. cause damn, the first half is a little slooowww. The plot line is lot like "28 Weeks Later" but for girls.

Pauline said...

was the ending boring or something?

Alex said...

I am awesome. It took a little while to find out, but I was absolutely right. A dude passed out drunk in the shower, covering the drain causing it to flood. I should really follow my instincts and become the next Sherlock Holmes, even though he was the mind child of Conan Doyle, I really should be written about in a non-fiction kind of way.

Pauline said...

Well that wasnt as exciting as I had hoped :)
Good job figuring it out though.

Tan said...

In a sick and morbid way, I think we were all hoping for the dead guy...that's just wrong.

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