Thursday, November 15, 2007

To and From Work, TIME LAPSE

Who doesn't get excited over those two words.. TIME LAPSE!!
Kind of reminds me of always asking the teacher to play a movie backwards, I always would love watching movies either backwards or fast. Normal Shmormal.
Oh and in case you're wondering what the dude is singing in dutch, it's something about being late for work again, and getting fired as a result. The "Kadang Kadang" is the sound of the train he is riding, but he is frustrated because the train won't go any faster and there is nothing he can do but eat his gouda sandwich and herring on the train before getting to work, and.. getting fired. Sad song, but it's kinda funny to hear this guy singing dutch. I laugh.


Tan said...

I actually felt a little drunk there towards the end. Thanks, Alex...that was fun...what's next?
Btw, glad you stopped for the red lights. I thought it might end with a nice kiss from your doting wife waiting at home but then I remembered who we're dealing with.

Anonymous said...

Its true - that wouldve made the video a little funnier - kiss goodbye, kiss hello - fast like!

Alex said...

I've been doing the 4th ave left lane move for six years, and don't consider this to be an "asshole" move. I have never seen any angry people when the time comes to merge. Most people who are in the second to left lane think OH MAN! Why didn't I think of that??
Driving efficiently should never be confused with driving like an asshole. I am going to make an assumption here; The "anonymous" poster must be one of those personality types that are plagued with unfortunate mentality that they must always follow the rules.
Live a little! Grab that left lane! The more cars you pass the better you'll feel.

Anonymous said...

Hey, hold on a second here! Just in case you're wondering, I still retain the "asshole crown", and you can never take that away from me!! (although you are making a fine effort here). My point is that, by nature, we assholes don't like to share our wicked ways, and now, thanks to your "kadang kadang" video, the whole world knows!!

Anonymous said...

Kedeng Kedeng man.. Kedeng Kedeng

The Big DC said...

Watching that video made me realize that I am happy I don't work anywhere near downtown. Your drive home made my skin crawl even at 8x speed. Sitting there in real time would lead me to commit mass homocide.
I am also a left lane asshole on 4th ave, and I am also the bastard that will cut over and then not let the rest of the other left lane assholes who want to ride the lane even further up. As far as I am concerned - once I've cut over that should be the max that anyone could ever squeeze out of the lane and anyone who pushes it further is a prick and deserves to be squeezed out.

luda said...

What are you wearing on your head! At first I thought it was hands-free set, but then you took it off to answer the phone! I would be remiss if I didn't ask what, pray tell, are you wearing?!? btw, I see traffic was a TAD lighter on the way into work than on the way home!

Alex said...

Good observation. Those are headphones connected to my Ipod. And to anticipate your next question, I prefer the sound out of my headphones then out of my car stereo. ;-) Also, I get to sing loud and not hear myself.

Alex said...

Ok so my mom emailed me with the correct translation of the dutch lyrics. Apparently I was close, but way off. ;-) Here are the lyrics in english:

'Kilometers of rails glide underneath me
I am on my way to you, I am crazy about you
This morning I left early, when the night was disappearing
and waited 10 min for the train
because it was delayed, oh boy, how I hated that!
because I'll have 10 min less to spend with you.

The train roars further and further
from station to station
I see places I never saw before
Suddenly a lady asks me: coffee or tea?
I am thirsty, yet I say 'no'

because the train slows down, while my heart beats faster
I look out the window to see if she is standing there
I get off, look around and for a moment I feel lonely
I don't see her yet.

But.....from behind a pillar, her smiling face
how everything seems to slow down
I run towards her; she comes and meets me
and behind us the train leaves, because it has to go on....

and I will spend the night with you
you, who live close to the station
and at night, oo, la, la, the rhythm goes on.'

Alex said...

Hehe, I just read the last line of the lyrics now. Hot stuff! Sorry mom! ;-)