Monday, November 19, 2007

A HUGE Thank you!!!

It's not every day I feel this grateful, so you may not see these posts very often. I have never been more thankful than I am today. A quick little bit of background before I get into why I feel this way.
A while ago I run into an issue with my debit card, seems it was wearing out a little on the magnetic strip. Over time it got so bad that Safeway started to reject the attempts. I knew that I had a credit card backup incase my debit card was unreadable which gave me justification to wait before obtaining a new card. Recently though my personal credit card and my corporate credit card have been showing similar disabilities, I knew the time was close to replace them, and yet I seem to always have chosen the easy road to a familiar little town called Procrastinationton. (If you haven't visited, you should!)
Further adding to my magnetic card stripe problem, other issues were creating my wallet into a timebomb. My drivers license is worn and dirty, my safeway card and my airmiles card were neutered from trying to open locked doors (legally mind you) and my wallet itself was a torn and ripped and ready for replacement.
That being said, I would like to say a HUGE THANK YOU to the very pleasant human being who stole it last night. Please consider the $60 as "thank you" tax.
There seems to have been a little mistake however, Leona did not require a refresh of her purse / wallet and would like it back. If you choose not to give back her purse.. you will be hunted. You have three days.


The Big DC said...

That sucks! Car get broken into in Banff? Must haver had your video camera on you or we would not have had the nice time lapse video to see. Imagine stealing that camera and watching the video? Over an hour of nothing but traffic going to Banff. Ha that would be funny. Now instead they get a bunch of demagnetized cards. With both of you getting your walltes lifeted, that would be pretty inconvenient - good luck trying to get everything all sorted out.

As far as Procrastination goes - I've heard it's a nice place. I would like to go there...but maybe omorrow.
Seriously - I am the Mayor, Chief of Police and District Attorney of Procrastination. I own that place.

Alex said...

Isn't there where we met? In Procrastinationton?

Alex said...

Well the bulk of our stuff was returned, minus taxes. Cept for.. Leona's actual purse and some makeup. WTH? could our thief be a woman? I think maybe. Either that or an asian cross-dresser.

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