Thursday, July 10, 2008

Allez Cuisine!!

To all those Food TV watchers out there, you all know the show "Iron Chef America". It's one of my favorite shows for a few reasons; first of all you have the manipulation of some of the best ingredients in the world conjured into edible delights by some of the best chefs in the world. You have host Alton Brown and Kevin Brauch the floor reporter, and of course the back flipping apple eating Japanese chairman mixing up the verbal ingredients. Alton is by far one of the best TV hosts using his seemingly endless knowledge of the ingredients being tossed around Kitchen Stadium in a very informative and entertaining way.
Last night Leo and I were watching "Battle Apple", and they finally decided to mix things up with the judges, inviting rapper "Bone Crusher" to sit in the middle position. This was one of the most entertaining judging ever, breaking the otherwise lame part of the show with the serious judging and condescending comments by the regular line up. Bone Crusher actually finished his plates, drank his drinks and had throughly good time. When the soup wasn't good, he would just say "The soup just isn't doing it for me".
After watching Bone Crusher's judging I thought to myself.. I could be a judge, and I pondered, if I were a judge, if I could pick my secret ingredient, and if I could pick the chefs what would it be? I asked Leo what ingredient she would choose and without hesitation she said "Cheese". It wasn't that easy for me. I couldn't sleep.. then it came to me, the one thing I enjoy the most when I eat food is the spice. Here is my Fantasy Iron Chef Line up:

Battle: Chilli Habenero
Iron Chef: Bobby Flay (He's the best griller out there..)
Challenger Chef: Darren Clark (Cause seeing a Clark vs Flay battle would be AWESOME)
Feature: Mixologists making drinks - Spicy? perhaps.. Cool down? even better..
Judges: Myself, Rachel Ray (Peppers make you sweat) and Ricky Gervais

My Challenge is for you comment with your own Fantasy Chef Line up!!



LS said...

cheese, then nuts; almonds, pecans, cashews, no peanuts.

Tan said...

My feature food is going to be cherries. They've been on my mind lately since eating the most amazing Beef Tenderloin swimming in a Cherry Demi-Glaze. It was heavenly!

So what else can you do with this oh-so-seductive-little-red fruit, besides the obvious cherry pie? That would my challenge.
My Iron Chefs would be two the head chef at Aix Teroir in Montreal (best meal of my life) and the challenger would be the chef of Camille's in Victoria (home of said Cherry Demi-glaze). Hey, and why not throw Darren in there for entertainment. What can the macho-manly-man chef do with an innocent little cherry? Okay, maybe it's not the most innocent of fruits, but whatever. Get your minds outta the gutter.

Judges: Me, Alex, Jen and the Incredible Hulk (just to see him turn green when he doesn't like something) - we need ratings.

Steely Dan said...

This is not all that exciting but I would make my feature food, tomatoes, my favorite. Flay vs. Batali. I would be the only judge.

The Big DC said...

They played that episode again yesterday and I caught it - Bone Crusher and everything. Gotta say the Apple and Caluiflower soup made me want to barf just looking at it - I'm glad I didn't have to eat it.

I'd love to take Flay in a throwdown as well - even though I know he would kick my ass. If anything, we would probably set the record for the most protein consumed in a single episode.

My battle would need to involve bacon. I've seen it done on ICA - and if I recall, Flay was even the Iron Chef for that one.

Bacon makes everything worth eating better. If bacon won't help it, it's not worth putting in your mouth. I don't think bacon could have helped the caluiflower soup - ergo cauliflower should never be out in your mouth. It's one of my simple life philosophies that has worked pretty well for me.

And Tan - what will the macho manly man chef do with the little innocent cherry (besides pop it of course)?


Wrap it in Bacon.


Steely Dan said...

DC, I thought this clip was even better than your drinking one. I agree on the whole bacon thing as you will see. In fact, bacon is so critical that I got Missy to make a bacon exception to the pork exemption rule for our sandwich contest.

Steely Dan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Miss said...

Bacon doesn't really came from a pig. It falls from heaven.
P.S. Why on earth didn't anyone tell me Sub Blog was back?

luda said...

ASparagus...right now I am on a pretty big veggie kick (don't worry, kids, I still love the meat!) But asparagus intrigues me, it can be exquisite when done correctly and I have found a number of different ways to do it, but it can really, really be screwed up easily as well. And I would love to see what kind of dessert they could come up with. I would pick Jamie Oliver as my iron chef, 'cause I have had great success with his veggie recipes. Of course, I would be the only judge, jury and executioner for the iron chef or wanna-be iron chef who fails in this challenge.

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